The Top 5 Dangers of DIY Pest Control According to Leading Pest Control Experts

It can be tempting, when you see a mouse in your home or bedbugs giving you problems every night, to pick up some pesticide at the supermarket and get to work. However, do-it-yourself methods can be not only a waste of time and money, they can be dangerous !

Deemak Control Services is a leading pest control company on a mission to highlight why hiring a professional is a better bet than trying a DIY job when it comes to pest control. Here are their top 5 reasons why professional methods beat DIY ‘shortcuts’ every time

Mixing toxic pest control chemicals together is something you really don’t want to do without professional experience and training. Sadly, every year thousands of children are hospitalized after accidental ingestion/inhalation of store-bought pesticides.

By going down a DIY route for pest control, you risk using harmful chemicals, poisons or traps around your home. This can put your children or pets at risk from serious harm, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals like us to keep your home pest-free and your family safe.
DIY pest control methods can be incredibly inhumane. In fact, store-bought poisons that target mice and rats can cause extreme, prolonged suffering. Despite this fact, more than 300 of these inhumane products are currently authorized for sale to non-professional users.

What’s more, the Humane Society International conducted a survey that revealed that many stores, householders were given “no or insufficient warning of the risks involved in applying rodenticides”

It’s a lesser-known fact that a lot of store-bought pest control products pose harm to young children, small animals, and other non-target species.

In Pakistan, professional pest controllers know that rodenticides should only be used as a last resort when all other methods have failed. By using the least amount of pesticide or hiring pest control professionals who can use safer chemicals that act faster and break down quickly after application, you can prevent any collateral damage from occurring.

If you, like many homeowners, opt for DIY pest control methods thinking you’ll save money, you’d be making a mistake!

Generally speaking, DIY methods mean you’re wasting precious time and money because they simply can’t offer the same level of service and effectiveness as a professional pest controller service would. This means that after using DIY pest control methods, there’s a good chance your property will be overrun with pests again in no time and you’ll have to hire a professional anyway.

Our homes are valuable assets, so it’s vital that we take good care of them. This being said, many people don’t realize that the incorrect application and excessive use of store-bought pesticides can actually damage walls, wires, cables, and furniture in our homes  and some DIY pest control methods can also result in serious damage to the property itself!

Also, it’s worth noting that it’s not just the inside of your home that’s at risk! DIY pesticides can also contaminate your water tanks and soil if improperly used, causing long-lasting effects.

We can help you safely get rid of any unwanted guests with affordable, professional services, so get in touch with the team today!