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We are happy to introduce ourselves as a Professionals in the field of Termite Control Management
دیمک کنٹرول business in Punjab Pakistan. We've got (16) years of experience in Pest Control Management
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In short, we've got what it takes to guard your home and business from even the foremost troublesome pests. Your pest control issues can before long be simply associate degree unpleasant memory. We offer Termite and Pest Control Services for Residential and Commercial jobs nationwide. 

We are in the business of making businesses better and homes safer by creating safer, healthier and more hygienic places to work and live. The cost of getting pest control wrong is one that businesses and homeowners can’t afford.

The brand reputation of a business can be destroyed by one single pest issue, in one single site, anywhere in Pakistan. Someone’s home one of their biggest assets  can be severely damaged or destroyed by pests. Hence the need for expertise, a promise which we are uniquely placed to deliver given our many decades of experience, market leadership and global backing. 

Every day we face new challenges. And every day we try to make our company standard more and more better. We give effective and affordable service for all pest issue. As well as written warranty against our service. We give proactive termite control pest control services to Residential, Commercial Houses, Flats, Portions, Apartment, Individual Villas, Beach Houses, Town House, Office, Factories, Colleges, Hostels, e.t.c. We have purely and minimum Odour Chemicals. 

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Precautions For General Pest Control Services

1. Open all curtains but tightly close the windows. 

2. All external doors should be closed but internal doors should be open.

3. Keep pets outside and secure them.

4. Cover fish tanks/bowls with an impermeable sheet. 

5. Secure children’s toys or remove them from areas to be treated.. 

6. Cover baby’s bed. Safety for babies during Pest control is very important.

7. Cover or put all exposed food in refrigerator.

8. Kitchen counters where food is prepared should be thoroughly washed after the treatment.

9. Stay out of the house and keep it airtight for at least 3 hours after the treatment. If someone in the family is sensitive to chemical odor, he/she must be away for at least 24 Hours.

10. Aerate the house thoroughly by opening the windows/doors when you return after three or four hours.

11. When you return after the treatment, just vacuum the floor and avoid wet mopping for 24 hours. or it will remove the protection.

12. A thorough cleaning and washing of kitchen utensils is must after Pest Control the above mentioned precautions or safety measures before Pest Control ensures efficacy of the treatment without compromising the health of your loved ones.

13. Do not eat or smoke while pest control is being carried out indoor.

14. Keep your pets away or relocate them while the pest control is being done. Most pesticides are harmful to birds and fish. Therefore bird cage or Aquarium must be relocated before the pest control be carried out

15. Cover food items or put them in refrigerator. Keep utensils and other electrical gazettes away from the area to be treated.

16. Thoroughly clean kitchen counter and dining table before using them after the treatment is done.

17. The flow of the pesticide sprays should be directed towards wall floor junction along the skirting level. Avoid spraying all over and spilling pesticides unnecessarily

Bedbugs Control Services in Lahore

Adult bedbugs are oval insects that are flattened and reddish brown in color. They are practically wingless  and have blood sucking mouthparts. The sole food of bedbugs is the blood of humans, but they also suck blood from pets and animals

Bedbugs can live for nearly a year without a blood, but they cannot reproduce after long periods without food. There are several species of bedbugs known to bite man.  The common bedbug (human bedbug)  taking blood meals at night and remaining hidden during the day.

 It can be found most frequently hiding in the seams and  mattress or in the cracks of bed frames. Other hiding places include behind wallpaper and wall decorations, in upholstered furniture, and in cracks and crevices of walls and window moldings. This material will appear as small black specks on mattresses, sheets or in the vicinity of their hiding places.

Control of bedbugs can generally be obtained by  Steam cleaning of infested mattresses can effectively kill bed bugs living in seams and buttons. An approved insecticide must be applied to all hiding places to achieve control of bedbugs. 

Specifically, the mattresses and bed frames should be treated, as well as other furniture and cracks in the room. Spray the woodwork and all walls in the bedroom at least two feet above the floor. This treatment must be made with an approved chemical. 

Great care must be exercised around infants and sick or aged persons. Dry and cover mattresses completely before using. Spray again if there are any new signs of bed bugs. After two weeks, spray the bed, furniture and walls again

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Mosquitoes Control Services in Lahore

 Mosquitoes are blood-feeding pests of people and animals. Eggs of most mosquitoes are laid on the surface or near the edge of water. Mosquito larvae are aquatic, but they do not develop in rivers, lakes or ponds. 

They feed on algae, protozoans, and minute organic debris. Adult mosquitoes are winged and free living. Males do not bite, but females of most species require a blood meal before laying eggs, using the protein in blood for egg production.

Mosquito bites usually result in red, swollen areas called welts that itch severely and may persist for several days. Some people develop allergic reactions to proteins injected by mosquitoes and become ill after being bitten.

Some species of mosquitoes also vector microorganisms to people or animals. These microorganisms include those that cause malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis and dengue in humans, and heartworm in canines. 

Mosquito control requires area-wide management of breeding sites and is usually the responsibility of public health agencies and mosquito control districts. 

Control of mosquitoes in and around buildings depends on sanitation to eliminate breeding sites and exclusion to keep mosquitoes out of buildings. To suppress mosquito populations or protect from the effects of mosquitoes, utilize any or all of the following strategies: Source/Habitat Reduction Drain any standing water and eliminate all objects or containers that hold water or could serve as a breeding site. These containers can be old tires, cans, bottles and dishes that contain water where mosquito larvae can develop. Look for blocked rain gutters as sources of standing water. 

Certain mosquitoes develop in water trapped in cavities of trees or basins formed by tree branches. Some species require only small quantities of water for short periods of time to develop. 

Livestock and pet water containers should be emptied and cleaned regularly to prevent mosquitoes from using these as breeding sites. Fish ponds and other bodies of water that cannot be drained periodically may be stocked with small mosquito fish or other top feeding minnows that effectively control developing larvae. 

Exclude adult mosquitoes from buildings by using screens over doors, windows and other openings. If necessary, use appropriate insecticides to reduce biting females inside enclosed areas.

These reductions will only be temporary unless steps are taken to exclude adult mosquitoes, eliminate breeding sites and destroy larvae. 

Repellents/Avoidance An insect repellent applied to skin or clothing reduces mosquito attacks on people who must spend time outdoors in areas where mosquitoes are a problem.

For best results, read and follow label directions when using repellents. Remain indoors during peak biting times. If exposure to mosquitoes cannot be avoided, cover bare skin with clothing, avoid shaded grassy or wooded areas and wear light colored clothing that is less attractive to mosquitoes. 

Chemical Suppression Use pesticides against mosquito adults and/or larvae to suppress the population level. Larvicides are applied to breeding sites and are used to control larvae and pupae.
Pesticide are used to reduce the numbers of adult mosquitoes in a given area. Spray during the cool hours of the evening or early morning to prevent the insecticide from being dispersed by heat thermals and to contact adult mosquitoes when many are most active.

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Ants Control Services in Lahore

Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. They are also found in restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses and other buildings where they find food and water. Most ants can bite with their pincer-like jaws (few actually do and some have venomous stings). 

However, they are annoying pests primarily because they appear in large numbers and may nest in wall voids or other part of structures. Ants contaminate and destroy some agricultural products and stored foods. Certain species stain or cause feeding damage to textiles. On outdoor plants, ants protect and care for honeydew-producing insects (aphids, soft scales and mealybugs), which may interfere with the natural biological control of these pests. In nature, ants may perform beneficial functions by preying on certain species of insect pests and aerating soils.

 Ants belong to the insect order Hymenoptera and are close relatives of bees and wasps. Ants, like many other hymenopterans, are social insects with duties divided among different types, or castes, of adult individuals. Queens conduct the reproductive functions of a colony, laying eggs and participating in feeding and grooming. Sterile female workers gather food, feed, and care for the larvae, build tunnels, and defend the colony.

 Workers are not always the same size in a given species as in the case of the black carpenter ant. Larger workers with well-developed mandibles are called soldiers. Males do not participate in colony activities; their only apparent purpose is to mate with the queens, after which the male dies. The male is generally winged and keeps its wings until death. Males are usually larger than workers, but smaller than the female reproductives. Few in number, males are fed and cared for by the workers. 

Basic differences between ants and termites (deemak) Ants have narrow or pinched waists that is, their body is very thin.

In addition, their antennae are elbow wed, meaning that each antennae looks like an arm bent at the elbow. Fully winged adult ants are often confused with swarmer termites, but they can readily be differentiated based on the following: 

1. Ants have elbowed antennae and termites have straight, beadlike antennae.

 2. Ants have pinched waist lines, while the bodies of termites are virtually the same width from end to end (or termites have broad waists).

 3. The front wings of ants are longer than their rear wings, while both pairs of wings of termites are about the same length.

Life cycle of the ant Ants have complete metamorphosis thus the development stages are egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs are extremely small and vary in shape according to species. Upon hatching a soft, legless larva is produced. After feeding and passing through several molts, the larvae pupate. The pupa resembles the adult, but it is soft, white and does not move or feed. The adult may require a few days to attain complete maturity after emerging from the pupal stage.

Six to eight weeks or more are required for development from egg to the adult stage depending on the species and climatic conditions. Ants require water for drinking and will travel some distance for it if necessary. This is frequently the reason for finding ants in kitchens or bathrooms of residences or commercial buildings. Ants that invade homes and buildings include 11 imported fire ants may be occasional indoor pests.

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Cockroach Control Services in Lahore

The basics of controlling insects and other pests which attack man or his possessions include pest recognition, understanding its life habits, determining the need for treatment or environmental structural modifications, pesticide selection, proper timing and application of pesticides and determining the need to treat again. The following information deals with the most common pests in Pakistan that will likely be encountered on or near food.

Cockroaches are major pests in homes, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, offices and other structures with food-handling areas. These insects can contaminate food and eating utensils, destroy fabric and paper products and impart stains and odors to surfaces they contact. Cockroaches have not been found to be direct carriers of diseases however, they can mechanically contaminate food or utensils by transporting filth or disease organisms on their bodies or by way of their excreta. They are suspected to be associated with the spread of dysentery, diarrhea and food poisoning.

They are also associated with allergies and related to some aspects of asthma attacks. Although there are more than 50 species of cockroaches in the Pakistan, only five are considered major pests in Pakistan. These species are the German, brown-banded, American, Oriental, and wood cockroaches. Since different species of cockroaches have different habits and habitat preferences, proper identification is essential for control. Cockroaches are mainly active at night but may be commonly seen at other times when infestations are severe. Signs of cockroach infestation are visual sighting of live roaches, fecal droppings, full or empty egg cases, cast skins from nymphs, stains and strong musty odors. The use of flushing agents frequently helps to locate cockroach infestations. Many cockroach infestations begin by the introduction of a few individuals on equipment or other materials from an already infested area. An y suspect objects should be thoroughly inspected.

Although this is frequently difficult, the effort may be worthwhile, especially if a structure has a record of recurring infestations. Sanitation is the key to control. Cockroaches require adequate food, water, shelter and favorable temperatures to survive. Once cockroaches have been introduced into a structure, infestations are likely to build up much more rapidly, be more severe, and more difficult to control, if proper sanitation conditions do not prevail.

Accumulations of materials such as garbage, rubbish, boxes, sacks, newspapers, and empty beverage bottles should be eliminated. Areas of excessive moisture within a structure should be eliminated. Proper cleaning of areas where scraps of food or grease accumulate is also helpful. In general, anything that can be done to reduce the supply of food, water, or shelter for roaches will reduce possible infestations. Once a colony of cockroaches has established itself in a structure, proper sanitation will not rid the premises of the infestation. In this case, chemical control is necessary.

Since domestic cockroaches have different environmental habits and biologics, the method and extent of chemical treatment should vary by species

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