How to make termite killer spray at home

Termites are deadly pests that may cause chaos on your wood structures. If you observe a few of them crawling about, there are almost certainly others nearby. Anyone who has termites must move quickly to eliminate them before they can cause damage to your home or outbuildings. To conserve the environment and provide a safe atmosphere for pets and children, some individuals prefer to employ natural pest control methods. You can get rid of termites with a simple household solution. Termite killer spray  is a tried and true termite killer. Here's everything you need to know about termite killer spray, including how to use it to kill termites and if it's safe for pets and humans.

How to know if you have termites?

Termites, according to experts, are known for hiding in plain sight. They are invisible when they are larvae, but as they develop and mature, they become visible. They become more confident and move closer to the light. Termites have the look of a flying ant, but there are few distinctions that can help you tell them apart. Termites have straight, equal-sized bodies, but flying ants have a slender waist. They have four identically sized wings with straight antennae, whereas flying ants' antennae are slightly curved. It's cause for alarm if you just observe one termite.
What is Termite killer spray?

Boric acid, commonly known as sodium borate salts, is confirmed by NPIC. It's a natural pesticide that's commonly used to keep pests at bay. It's available in rods, dust, pills, pellets, powders, liquids, and granules, and it's also utilised in some insect baits. It's routinely used to manage pests on both food and non-food crops. Personal care items, household cleansers, fertilisers, and laundry detergents are all made with it. Boric acid is an insecticide that can be used to kill ants, cockroaches, termites, and other pests. The most effective formulations will contain boric acid that is 99 percent pure.

How does termite killer spray work?

When termites lick it off their legs, oric acid is most effective. The powder stops their bodies from absorbing nutrients from the meals they eat when they consume it. It causes them to starve to death in a matter of days. Boric acid does not kill them on contact, but it will kill them if they consume it. Rather than waiting for the termites to emerge, you should try to identify their nest in order to eliminate the bugs more effectively. They are frequently located near the wood they feed on in old decaying tree stumps or inaccessible sections of buildings.

How to make boric acid termite killer spray at home.

With boric acid, sugar, and water, you can produce your own termite spray. The sugar attracts the insects, causing them to consume the boric acid. This is a fantastic termite-eradication recipe that is both natural and effective.
  • Boric Acid Termite killer Spray
  • 1-gallon of water
  • 17 ounces boric acid powder or Borax (laundry product)
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar


Bring a gallon of water to a boil, then remove from the heat. Add two tablespoons of sugar and 17 ounces of boric acid powder to the heated water. Stir until the sugar and boric acid are well combined and dissolved. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the liquid. Spray the termite killer  solution where termites have been observed or where damage has been done by them. When sprayed directly on termite nests, the boric acid spray is the most effective. Find the nest if you can to get rid of them faster. Every day for the next seven days, repeat the process. As needed, repeat the process.

Is boric acid safe for pets and children?

Boric acid is safe for pets and people when taken with caution, according to Pet MD. Fish, birds, and water invertebrates are almost unaffected. Boric acid in granular form and as bait is possibly hazardous. If you swallow powdered boric acid, you could get sick. According to experts, chronic poisoning is caused by persistent exposure to boric acid. Poisoning can cause diarrhea and vomiting, as well as seizures in the most severe cases. Although there are some hazards linked with boric acid, it is a natural insecticide.To avoid unintentional poisoning, keep the boric acid and the spray out of reach of family pets and youngsters. It's a better alternative to some of the more dangerous compounds found in commercial insecticides. It's worth mentioning that boric acid is frequently used in commercial items.

Final thoughts

Termites in your home are a significant problem that needs to be addressed right away. They're a destructive bug that chews away at wood buildings, causing significant damage in the process. They wreak havoc on timber structures. They inflict damage on them, making them vulnerable. Termite damage can be expensive to repair if you don't catch them early. Boric acid is a common household substance. It's found in the Borax brand of laundry whitener. Termite-killing spray can be made using Borax, sugar, and water and sprayed on termite nests to alleviate the problem. The nest should be treated for seven days in a row. You can keep repeating the method until all termites have been eradicated. If this doesn't solve the problem, termites may be hiding in places that are difficult to locate. If the boric acid termite killer spray solution fails to eliminate the infestation, contact a professional exterminator. Termite infestations must be addressed quickly if the structure and value of your home and outbuildings are to be preserved. Take a closer look the next time you think you see a flying ant to make sure it's not a termite.

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